Don't come in yet, we're shooting!

I'm joking, come in. In this blog...

A so-called 'Film Festival' was coming up, ignore that it already went. So we as Waikowhai Primary, made a video with 4 people, our group had Aniya, as our camera-woman, and me and Zion, with Walid. The theme was change, it didn't say what type of genre of change was it, so had varied options, change of attitude, whatever thing you'd like. Our one was about a robot that once did something to itself, and the scientist had to fix it. At first, I didn't think that my group could make a good film, but actually, it turned out to a blast! The video has to be no more than 3 minutes, very short actually, and kind of hard to deal with. But here it is, our film.


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