Friday, September 29, 2017

Cybersmart Activity - Smart Relationships

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On the Thursday of 28th September, we were talking about smart relationships all along. We used Google Maps to locate other clusters and schools.  The challenges were that polygons took us some time, so I only made too. The other thing was identifying 5 countries but instead only one other country (Which is United States) viewed my blog, so I asked my teacher if you can just identify cities. Here is the Google Maps and the tasks I had to do. Drawing link here.

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Friday, September 22, 2017

Cybersmart Activity - Netiquette

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On the Thursday of 21st September we had a cybersmart activity. The cybersmart activity was about netiquette. Also known as digital-etiquette, netiquette mentions the same definition for etiquette but online. Netiquette also has something to do with informal and formal language. We used a MindMup to identify things for what are formal and informal, good and bad online. Here is a small presentation that shows about netiquette.

Link : here 

Challenges : My challenges were finding what netiquette really meant, and I had no clue. That was the only challenges I've got.

Evaluation : I think it might be useful for commenting because formal might help the audience understand it. Netiquette might the word of cybersmart.

Friday, September 15, 2017

Minecraft Characters Using Google Sheets.

Hi everyone.

Today this post is going to be about some Minecraft Characters I made using Google Sheets, I am blogging this because I thought Google Sheets were just useful to work on. I had to learn how to use Google Sheets differently from what i was use to as i was creating a picture to make it fun. I was doing because it was for maths. To show how to make check this link here. The challenge was the 2nd character  in Google Sheets I was making. So I had the search engine to help get an image of it. I made two characters, a Steve with red eyes and a group of coloured slimes. Here are the characters I made in Google sheets.

Reflection : Overall I want to make more characters.

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Monday, September 11, 2017

Magical World of Crazy Science

Hello there.

On the the Monday of the 11 Sept there was a crazy science show of satisfaction and time-consuming fun. A show of chemistry and physics. It was an hour of fascination! It was presented by Richard and Robyn who come from Australia. What I learned is that a strip paper blown by air from humans flicks up because of air pressure. Also I learned the word, 'polymer', it means to turn liquid to solid, such as a substance found in nappies (That's why nappies absorb water or other type of liquid). Any other structure of polymer can do other strange things, such as rubber being stretched as long as possible, it would not rip, instead, it will dash in a direction and might hurt one of your fingers. The most fascinating thing was that bubbles have a thickness of a millionth of a millimetre, which is much thinner than a flu virus, it is the most thinnest object that can be seen by a naked eye in the whole world. The reason you can see rainbow colours in bubbles is because there are two layers, making it refract and reflect. My favourite things were the colours unfixing, the earth-like balloon blow by a big pistol-like hair-dryer, taking the balloon right almost reaching the ceiling. And also the other thing I was fascinated about was making a bubble just using a chain of metal coloured beads. That is the biggest bubble I have ever seen in my whole lifetime, I think I wouldn't experience another bubble like that big again. Here is a video and photo of the Magical World of crazy Science. Behold, the Nexus Science Show.

Reflection :  Overall want to see more of it but have more subjects such as astronomy, biochemistry ( Study of chemicals in body ) because it is so fascinating I want to see more of it.

Wonders: I have a couple of wonders about physics and chemistry, like where the rare chemical elements come from, how the first working rocket was different by rockets today ( expect they had film ). How polymers react to other polymers. Or why the direction of gravity on Earth is down or why rockets are powerful enough to escape from Earth's gravity. I'm wondering all this because when I grow up, I might want to be a physicist. And to make me understand more about chemistry.

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Friday, September 8, 2017

My poem about my camp trip

Hey there, blogging world.

In the last blog post was everything I've done at camp. This my poem about camp, I wrote before it happened, as you see in the title. I've chosen to write this because I have never experienced a camp before in a school. The information about camp is in the previous post but the poem is a rhyming poem. Here is my poem about camp.

Difficulties / challenges : Colouring the poem was my hardest bet, because there wasn't much colouring pencil to get. The other one is drawing humans especially the one on the furthest left hand side. It's really squeezed and the gloves are also hard to draw.
Reflection : Overall I like making these kind of poems so I can get better at identifying words that rhyme with one another.

Friday, September 1, 2017

Trip of a 4 day camp

Hey there, all of you.

Last week the whole senior school from Waikowhai went to participate a four day camp spending time on Ruapehu and much more. Here is my presentation of things we've done at camp.

Reflection : During camp it was fun because it wasn't just skiing and snowboarding, there was toboggan, Hamilton garden hunting and more. The dinner was absolutely scrumptious for me.  I learned how to ski, it was hard for me, especially with getting up and balancing. You had to walk sideways! I cannot control the sled in tobogganing. I get really anxious about sightseeing in chairlifts, so I try to look up. I really enjoy sliding down the snow after sightseeing is over. I think camp was the best experience I ever had with learning.

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Monday, August 21, 2017

Maths Fun - Junior Playground Model

Hey there!

Today I made a model of the junior playground using Tinkercad. What's Tinkercad? It's explained in the screencastify. You don't need to pay for it, you just need to sign up, for free. But you must have an invite code to get approved and build a model. Here is some pictures and the screencastify.


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