Don't come in yet, we're shooting!

I'm joking, come in. In this blog...
A so-called 'Film Festival' was coming up, ignore that it already went. So we as Waikowhai Primary, made a video with 4 people, our group had Aniya, as our camera-woman, and me and Zion, with Walid. The theme was change, it didn't say what type of genre of change was it, so had varied options, change of attitude, whatever thing you'd like. Our one was about a robot that once did something to itself, and the scientist had to fix it. At first, I didn't think that my group could make a good film, but actually, it turned out to a blast! The video has to be no more than 3 minutes, very short actually, and kind of hard to deal with. But here it is, our film.

NED-er give up

Do You Give Up?
...well, I do. But this blog post is not about giving up over and over. This blog post is going to be about NOT giving up.  Going back in time to the first weeks of Term 3, the NED show grabs the attention of every kid in the school. It was a bit funny, and had the olden day toys... yo-yo's! That's right, yo-yo's. But let's not jump into conclusion that quick. They talked how kids can change the world. Kids are the future when they grow up. Her are some pictures.

You want to be Internet Awesome?

Hey guys!!
You want to be Internet Awesome? Well, Google made this game called Interland. There are different islands with different objectives to be... Internet Awesome! I made a poster in Cybersmart at school about the different islands. Each island says a message, and it has a meaning. The poster just need a description of the message and your reflection about your game play. Here it is.

I like mine because of the fonts. :)

The FINAL week of technology

Hey guys!
In the first week of technology, we had materials to make a marble go as far away from the table. In the second week we had conductors and insulators to create circuits. In this one, I made a geoboard. 
The first thing to do was to cut the strips of wood to even squares with saws. We did this in groups. Once done, we moved on to the measuring and drawing. With pencil, we draw a spot. Every spot  has to be 2 centimetres away from the edge, and 2 centimetres apart, horizontally and vertically. Then we used a hammer, or a piece of wood to get nails down. I couldn't finish it in time. But a teacher Mr Kim kindly finished off the nails for me. I didn't do this one, but you get rubber bands and make anything of it. It was a painful task, especially with nails. 

The second week of Technology

Hello there!
In the previous blog post, it was in my class and we had materials and build something get a marble in level of the table and as far away from the table as you can. In this one, I will talk about the second week. It was about circuits, and electricity. I'll tell you what I did, and it didn't go very well...
My class first went in a circle with Mr Riceman (Manukau's teacher). He asked us about what electricity. You don't really need to know about it. So let's jump into the circuit activity;
I had an LED light, a LED battery, and a card. Then I took some paper clips, and things called ' split pins'. And it's pretty much what it is, you can split it in two so it's longer. I tried making a circuit with paper clips and split pins, but it didn't work. I tried harder and harder and kept questioning myself, 'Why is this not working?'. I looked around, and the circuits were amazing, there were even switches. But then I was also frust…

The first week of Technology

Hey guys!
In this blog post, we had a 'Technology Rotation'. What is the Technology Rotation, you ask? Well, we just move from one class to another. First, we have Technology Rotation in my class, Waitemata. We had to do a 'Technology Challenge'. We have to make group of 3. The objective of this activity is to use materials and get a marble as far away from the table as you can, while it is in level with the table. The materials are straws, one plastic cup, a card, scissors, 2 metres of tape (We can cut it in half so we get 2 metres), yarn, and a marble. We were supposed to have toothpicks but my group managed to survive without it. I'll tell you how it went;
Me, Ishaan, and Tyson were just making a plan, I was thinking of cutting a hole in the plastic cup but my group no. Then we got it, kind of. Tyson put a material down on the table, but Ishaan said no (I can't really remember what happened). So we got ice block sticks, and fastened it with some tape. I got…

The Aggressive Race

Hey guys!
In this blog post I made a an stop motion animation. It's called 'The Aggressive Race'. It's like what it sounds. A race where everyone fights to race to the finish. With play dough, I made this animation. First, I made the start line, with only whiteboard marker. It took while to finish. Then, I made the 5 characters, with special abilities and unique shapes. You might see the characters right now. Next time I'm going to add some more characters to make it a bit interesting. I will also take smaller steps, capture the characters one by one. And I will try a bit faster. Currently it's a work in progress. Here it is.