Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Waikowhai's fun day - wheels day

Hey there everyone.

Two days ago fun times were rolling by. That time it was wheels day. In wheels day we can have mufti clothes that is wearing other t-shirts, singlets and shorts or pants rather than school uniform. However, you have to donate a gold coin for that. The activities were of course riding on your wheels, people who don't have wheels or want to try something else, there's yellow trolleys. The yellow trolleys have their own space which down the slope that leads to the back of Te Waka Ako. The other activities require water, the so called Slip'n'slide and swimming in the pool. We also had relax time and playing board games. I liked this day because we get to have a chance to take a break. Here's a picture to show what it looked like.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Favourite moment - moving to Te Waka Ako

Hey there again.

From the very start of the year we have moved to a new structure called Te Waka Ako. At first it was eye-opening. But since it's almost end of the school year we got used to it. In this structure there is 4 spaces. Orange, blue, kakariki green and yellow. Three of them are classes. It is a big building but green was the smallest while blue was spread far across. They had cubbyholes to put bags in while the shoes have smaller cubicles. The building made things easier provided and more space for the senior syndicate.

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Gala day - Reflecting on De bono thinking hats

Hey there.

Over the past few weeks on Saturday was celebration day. Before gala day everyone was advertising to get an audience and rehearsing to prepare and make it a bit catchy for the people. But back in celebration day, it needs tickets for basically everything, excluding cultural performances, and you have pay for tickets. I learned I have to be catchy by smiling and my dad was videoing. I thought he was ridiculous. The time was 10:30 am - 3.00 pm. If you saw the previous post, there was a stall of soap. There was tote bags and recycled paper also. There more like bouncy castles, where you play there for 5 minutes and Slip'n'slide that requires togs. So happened after for us was a slideshow to complete and add photos in. To complete you have to reflect on each De Bono thinking hat. The thinking hats have questions for us to write about celebration day. To get the pictures we have go to our site and find the folders in the gallery. Taking pictures was great because I can get to have memories to me and my family in gala day. Also it took some time so I did writing first. What I wished I could do is to add 1-3 pictures. Here is the slide of reflecting celebration day.

Friday, November 17, 2017

Gala day - soapy business

Hey there, blogging world.

Over the past two terms we had to advertise for our gala day. We've been advertising and processing soap, making posters, and wrapping as well. We put lots of effort doing it online and also by hand, which in that case includes soap and gala posters. Doing it by hand wasn't really a challenge, but rather time-consuming. What's fun is that you create anything and sometimes listening to music depending on your conditions or the whole class. Putting a lot of effort took a lot of time also, colouring was a challenge because I could mess things up with pastels.

Now, up to the soap. We had lots of soap but not a lot of individual scents. The process was grating citrus fruit (lemons, oranges and tangerines were used) and melting glycerine/Shea butter/goat milk for 25-30 seconds, mixing the base and citrus together, moulding them and let them rest and solidify. It only took minutes really. The reason we make this mind-blowing soap is that most soap have quite harmful ingredients that is definitely not good for the skin (or perhaps other parts), we make soaps without chemicals so it's friendlier.

But since I finished my gala poster and had no idea to do, I got involved in a group using iMovie to create a presentation of soap. Me and Josh were directors and Calai was the producer, you can check them out in my class blog. I made a brainstorm and shared it to everyone involved. Here's a poster and picture. 

Thursday, November 9, 2017

Maths - Budgeting on a NZ journey [ Full ]

Hey there. 

If you know the previous post I made a quick peek of a slide, now it's the whole one. So what I had to do is complete tasks in each slides using a $500 budget a day (quite a lot compared to totals of activities). We combine the total of our cost of the trip, choose our car/camper-van rental, choose our hotels (however, camper-van rental mean s you have to go on camping sites or else you can go to a hotel).

I learned that it needs a lot of effort. I don't find any challenges, but I found a slide very time-consuming. It's the slide that involves a calculator if really needed, all rides from one to another. It also made it hard for slides for each "mini trip" of the total, since it's around the beginning. My favourite slides are all the activities in Rotorua, because they look enjoyable in my perceptive view. Here's the slideshow of budgeting.

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Friday, October 27, 2017

Maths - Budgeting on a NZ Journey

Hey there, blogging world.

For the past two weeks there are some budgeting going on for maths. It is presented by a slideshow. Our task was to travel from the bottom the south island all the way up to the top of the North.  Most slides involve maths and certain calculations about budgeting for our daily activities we had to do along the way. . There are some challenges going on also. Especially when checking for the cost and time of the planes and car/camper-van rental hire. The activities and hotels/camp areas on the other hand, were quite easy.  But we only had $500 to spend a day. Here's a a quick peek of a slide. 

My statement : This might help me with money when I grow up.

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Friday, September 29, 2017

Cybersmart Activity - Smart Relationships

Hey blogging world.

On the Thursday of 28th September, we were talking about smart relationships all along. We used Google Maps to locate other clusters and schools.  The challenges were that polygons took us some time, so I only made too. The other thing was identifying 5 countries but instead only one other country (Which is United States) viewed my blog, so I asked my teacher if you can just identify cities. Here is the Google Maps and the tasks I had to do. Drawing link here.

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