Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Read, don't tell.

Hey guys.

This week we are working on using descriptive language by sharing our writing straight onto our blog.  The challenge we have is to describe a place using only six sentences. After reading the description you need to guess the place that has been described. It would really help if you say what clues helped you come to this conclusion.

1.Most of the wonders and mysteries lie here.
2.I can feel the intense pressure anywhere.
3.It is a very dark, dangerous and cold place.
4.Things must depend on their own or/and other things around it.
5.It is an extensive place.
6. Lots of things that are impossible also lie here.

Reading - Seaweek!

Hey there!

For a couple of days in reading we have been looking at synthesising. We used our prior knowledge and the new knowledge to learn more facts, and how we can connect our prior and new knowledge. We watched videos about the ocean and read posters. This knowledge is going to be used later on. The facts were shocking. I learnt that reading is not just reading books. It's gaining and gathering information. From those videos I learnt that a such small animal, can change the ocean. They 'filter feed' the water making it crystal clear. I shared that knowledge in my reading class. Here is the site of the videos and the poster I made.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Hey guys. 

For a couple weeks we been discussing, questioning and answering about the history of the Waitangi Treaty. While reading throughout the story we had questions to answer. Most of them are easy. After we read the story we can remember what happened. Then we had to answer comprehension questions. Once we finished it, we gathered around, discussing the answers. Here a photo of the story and the link of my work of Waitangi day. What I really learnt about Waitangi day is that it was a day of debating and protesting.
Image result for treaty of waitangi
The link is here.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Learning Journey 2018

Welcome back to 2018 guys!

Today is a new fresh day of cybersmart. What we've been doing is creating a DLO (Digital Learning Object) to demand people reading them what you do to keep your device and yourself safe. We can use videos, slide animations, google drawings and more. We had to make the DLO message clever and easy to understand. We had to think of a topic to create about in the Kawa of Care document. Most chose keeping passwords safe. Also we had to make the images ourselves, it is a little trickier than getting images online but we don't want to create copyright. We had to finish this quite quickly, or we'll have to finish it in our time. Here's a little image of me to introduce myself.
Now, here's my DLO I made.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Waikowhai's fun day - wheels day

Hey there everyone.

Two days ago fun times were rolling by. That time it was wheels day. In wheels day we can have mufti clothes that is wearing other t-shirts, singlets and shorts or pants rather than school uniform. However, you have to donate a gold coin for that. The activities were of course riding on your wheels, people who don't have wheels or want to try something else, there's yellow trolleys. The yellow trolleys have their own space which down the slope that leads to the back of Te Waka Ako. The other activities require water, the so called Slip'n'slide and swimming in the pool. We also had relax time and playing board games. I liked this day because we get to have a chance to take a break. Here's a picture to show what it looked like.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Favourite moment - moving to Te Waka Ako

Hey there again.

From the very start of the year we have moved to a new structure called Te Waka Ako. At first it was eye-opening. But since it's almost end of the school year we got used to it. In this structure there is 4 spaces. Orange, blue, kakariki green and yellow. Three of them are classes. It is a big building but green was the smallest while blue was spread far across. They had cubbyholes to put bags in while the shoes have smaller cubicles. The building made things easier provided and more space for the senior syndicate.

Blog you later

Gala day - Reflecting on De bono thinking hats

Hey there.

Over the past few weeks on Saturday was celebration day. Before gala day everyone was advertising to get an audience and rehearsing to prepare and make it a bit catchy for the people. But back in celebration day, it needs tickets for basically everything, excluding cultural performances, and you have pay for tickets. I learned I have to be catchy by smiling and my dad was videoing. I thought he was ridiculous. The time was 10:30 am - 3.00 pm. If you saw the previous post, there was a stall of soap. There was tote bags and recycled paper also. There more like bouncy castles, where you play there for 5 minutes and Slip'n'slide that requires togs. So happened after for us was a slideshow to complete and add photos in. To complete you have to reflect on each De Bono thinking hat. The thinking hats have questions for us to write about celebration day. To get the pictures we have go to our site and find the folders in the gallery. Taking pictures was great because I can get to have memories to me and my family in gala day. Also it took some time so I did writing first. What I wished I could do is to add 1-3 pictures. Here is the slide of reflecting celebration day.