Visual art, yep.

Hey guys!
So over the past few weeks, we have been making an abstract picture of an endemic animal for our art exhibition. And oh, you might ask, what endemic means? Endemic means that either a plant or animal is from a certain place, and is restricted in that place. And not anywhere else. Anyway, let's start with the process of the visual art. 
Here are the materials you need : - Acrylic paint - Paint brushes  - A thick piece of paper - Pencil - Pen - Art book - Our device (chromebooks in this blog.)
1.The first thing we did was listing animals in our device, and more animals... 
2. Then we chose an animal (Mine is a bluegill bully, the animal type is an eel)

3. Find 4 photos of your animal. 
4. Choose one of the 4 photos for the 4th step and well, there you go! The decision-making steps are over. :D
5. And this is where the drawing and painting begins. We sketch some some pictures of our creature. 
6.Choose one of your drawings (maybe decision-making is not over yet.).
7. Prim…

How to make a flood-proof house

Hello there!
From a few days before, we have been creating models of a flood-proof house. We used our prior knowledge and texts from of a book, called 'Building for the Future'. It was about a country, Samoa, had been massacred by typhoons and other disasters. So the chief, and some people who came to Samoa discussed about how they are going to survive more storms. After we made the model, we labelled and analysed it. Next time I want to cover the strips with short walls. I thought that Samoa was a nice, tropical island where they enjoy their life. But I realised that they experienced lots of storms.  We explained the purposes of features that the house has. Here is mine, there are labels for you to understand. 

Argument writing

Hey! Read this because it will have all you wished for!
Just kidding, but over couple of weeks we have been working for a pink beanbag (The best you will ever have). We had to use persuasive writing to convince people to buy it (We are not selling for real.). Then we used Google Drawing to advertise the "most amazing beanbag". Here is mine.


Welcome back guys! 
Today I'm going to tell things I learned and discussed about ANZAC day. At dawn a commemoration (com-mem-moh-RAY-shin) so-called "Dawn Parade" is to remind us about the soldiers that protected us from other countries and gave us our freedom. They have some buildings and gravestones called obelisks. The people who fought at war march together, some go in wheelchairs if they can't walk. In the Vietnam War, some people who fought in Vietnam got sick because of the chemicals used in the war. Some people are alive from World War 1 and World war 2 today, maybe your (great) grandparents fought at World War 1/2. ANZAC is the troops of the New Zealanders and Australians fighting together in Gallipoli, Turkey. 

Learning is learning

Hey guys.

This week we are working on using descriptive language by sharing our writing straight onto our blog.  The challenge we have is to describe a place using only six sentences. After reading the description you need to guess the place that has been described. It would really help if you say what clues helped you come to this conclusion.

1.Most of the wonders and mysteries lie here. 2.I can feel the intense pressure anywhere. 3.It is a very dark, dangerous and cold place. 4.Things must depend on their own or/and other things around it. 5.It is an extensive place. 6. Lots of things that are impossible also lie here.

Reading - Seaweek!

Hey there!
For a couple of days in reading we have been looking at synthesising. We used our prior knowledge and the new knowledge to learn more facts, and how we can connect our prior and new knowledge. We watched videos about the ocean and read posters. This knowledge is going to be used later on. The facts were shocking. I learnt that reading is not just reading books. It's gaining and gathering information. From those videos I learnt that a such small animal, can change the ocean. They 'filter feed' the water making it crystal clear. I shared that knowledge in my reading class. Here is the site of the videos and the poster I made.

Te Tiriti o Waitangi

Hey guys. 
For a couple weeks we been discussing, questioning and answering about the history of the Waitangi Treaty. While reading throughout the story we had questions to answer. Most of them are easy. After we read the story we can remember what happened. Then we had to answer comprehension questions. Once we finished it, we gathered around, discussing the answers. Here a photo of the story and the link of my work of Waitangi day. What I really learnt about Waitangi day is that it was a day of debating and protesting.

The link is here.