Brrrrrrrr! This post is cold!

Gotcha? Yes! No? I don't know.
Well this blog post is going to get your brain frozen! Not literally, can we just chill and read on? Get it? Never mind. Before we chill and that, check the first and second blog posts first if you haven't already. If you have, read on.
Everyone should know Antarctica, also known as the South Pole, is the world's coldest continent, there are no polar bears, just penguins, whales, birds, fish and seals. In fact, it's so cold that it doesn't rain! This is due to the cold temperature so there is little moisture in Antarctica. Even with water, the ice is so dry it's classified as a desert, it's even dryer than the world hottest desert, the Sahara.

At night, you might know Aurora Borealis, this happens due to charged particles during a solar flare, they collide with the Earth's magnetic field. As they collide they make countless bursts of light, called photons, and that's an Aurora Borealis. This proves that the Earth has a…

The study of Aotearoa.

Wake up, it's the second day of Aotearoa!
Jokes, you know, this post and the previous blog post are in the Summer Learning Journey, sorry for not explaining from before. If you're wondering 'What's the Summer Learning Journey?', it's basically a competition to reach the most points by... blogging of course! There are prizes for the winners, that's all for now.
Let's move on to the 'second' day.
You probably all know New Zealand consists of two main islands, the North and South. Approximately 77% of the New Zealand population live in the North Island.
Most of us in the North Island (me, Summer Learning Journey, friends & family) live in Auckland, though it seems Auckland is the biggest city in NZ, Wellington is the main capital of the country.

Auckland is a great, wonderful places that's actually full of diverse structures, you might see trees near houses and city structures. It's also got cinemas, cafes, museums, and most exciting o…

Day 1 of Aotearoa.

Tena koutou iwi, you want to hear the story of the birth of Aotearoa?
In Māori mythology, it's said much of Aotearoa New Zealand was formed when a powerful demigod, Maui, fished it out of the sea. Legend has it that Māui created a magical fish hook from the jawbone of his grandmother. And that one day he took his hook, boarded a boat, and rode out into the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Once at sea, he threw his magical hook into the water and caught a fish. This 'fish' was actually the North Island of New Zealand! Pretty shocking, right?In honour of this legend, the North Island of New Zealand is sometimes referred to as Te Ika a Māui or 'Māui’s fish' and the South Island of New Zealand is sometimes referred to as Te Waka a Māui or 'Māui's canoe'.

I know this isn't the true story of Aotearoa, but it's pretty interesting, right?
Well, it's time for facts!

If you hadn't known what Aotearoa means yet, or thought it meant New Zealand, it mea…

About Mexico!

Hola amigos!
I am going to talk about Mexico! I decided to choose to talk about Mexico because I'm 27% Spanish, or at least I think so. I also chose it because I know that Mexico was once colonised by Spain, same thing happened to my country, Philippines, but it's todo bien now (all good). Okay, let's talk about Mexico now.

Mexico is located below USA, in North America. The climates are extremely diverse, the more northern parts of Mexico are usually cold and dry, while the southern parts of Mexico are more warm and tropical. All four seasons exist in Mexico, from June to October, which is from summer to fall, hurricanes are pretty common in Mexico, so watch out...

There are around 119.5 million people in Mexico, but the population is changing so there's no really telling how many people live in the moment. You might think that Spanish is Mexico's official language, but it's not, although it's a widely spoken language in Mexico. Most people would be Mestiz…

Technology Challenge

Hello guys! It's Term 4 now.
... last term we faced a challenge, the aim of challenge was to make a 'car'  in a group, out of these materials: An empty bottle of milkOne skewer4 straws (2 big, 2 small)And 4 bottle caps ... also you can use drills, tape, hot glue and scissors, then see which car travelled the longest when let go on a ramp. Me, Ishaan, Tyson, and Nikhil were a group. At first, it was hard to agree on how to make the car. I had a brilliant idea, it's only little. But I thought that it was a great idea. So I told my other team members. They said it was a GREAT idea, I was happy. So we stick the straw with duck tape, it was Mr R's (My teacher) one, someone told us to ask Mr R but my other team members didn't agree. So I followed along with them. Then Mr R came along and told us to ask him first, 'I told you guys!' said the person who told us earlier. Ishaan made a final decision of putting two wheels close together, it was hard for him to ge…


😄Hi there.At this term we had the annual Athletics Day at the 2nd of November, it's part of our school curriculum. Also everyone is involved, including me! In Athletics Day, we move in rotations, categorised in Year groups. We could get points for our age and house groups, not those houses, I'll talk about what they are later. 
There are loads of activities in Athletics, some are fun, like fun throw, in my opinion. While some are boring. But that's not important, I'm just saying there are activities you rotate to, then eventually you'll come across most of them. I'm in the 10/11 year old boys, I'm 11, well, I turned 11. 
The first thing we came across was the 400 metre run, I wasn't really sure if I was going to win. The 400 metre run is a running competition, there's a race track that continues straight forward, until it has curve, and also a cone. You HAVE to run around the cone, otherwise, you'll have to run it again, and that's bad. There…

Writing Tumble

Hi guys!
Welcome to writing, my favourite subject! At the first week of this term, I wrote 2 descriptions and 1 story in a slideshow. We call it a writing tumble. In this writing tumble we basically describe the picture on the page. There are 5 pictures to write about. But you only have to write at least 3. You could pick a picture of your own but I don't think Waitemata did it. I didn't. Also they have titles. So to make a good writing and I try to do the most, make sure the writing is relevant. My favourite writing is the story because for me, writing stories isn't hard. My favourite writing is 'Invertebrate Calamity' because it's a story. I like writing stories.

...So my bet next time is to make it more it relevant to nature. The punctuation seems good to me and I organised it into paragraphs though. But otherwise it's really good. I have my other two writings, which are descriptions, the one called 'Mind on ruins' is my 2nd favourite, I tweaked…